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1:1 Private Coaching

Elevate your music career, refine your social media strategy, and nail your marketing with this private coaching with music producer and small business entrepreneur Curtiss King.

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CHOP CHEF: FL Studio Sampling

Learn how to chop, arrange, mix, and even create your own vintage samples from scratch in this 
FL Studio Sampling Master Class.

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Music Producer Power

Tap Into Your Music Producer Flow.

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Ready to finally level up your YOUTUBE channel?

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FL Studio Beginner's Class

FLow: Curtiss King's FL Studio Beginner's Course.

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FL Studio Advanced Class

FLow: An Advanced FL Studio Guide By Larry Ohh & Curtiss King.

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Get Both FL Studio Courses (20% Off)

Gain access to both the beginner's and advanced FL Studio course by Curtiss King & Larry Ohh for this crazy affordable deal.

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