Learn the "NEW Peak Enjoyment Method" I used to Help 100 Music Producers Maximize Their Potential and Go from Over Analyzing to Unlocking Their Flow State in 4 Weeks.

  • Includes: The Music Producer Power Course, Fl Studio Beginners & Advanced Course, 6 Premium Slap Experts Sound Packs, GrowTube Youtube Mastery Course, Music Producer Power Live and 4 Live Mastermind Meetings. 

The Music Producer Power Course is the ultimate online course & 4-week live coaching experience designed specifically for maximizing your focus, productivity, creativity, and enjoyment as a music producer.

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"Curtiss's techniques helped me reach levels that I wouldn't have been able to a month ago" - Issac

"The beat challenges ignited something inside of me. I was terrified at first, but now I do them all the time!" - T-Sketch.

"This course taught me how to quiet my inner critic and find my true lane in music" - Aaron B.

Music Producers, guess what? The Music Producer Power course is open and accepting new students right now!

I am super encouraged to see so many of you HYPED to learn more about the Peak Enjoyment Method of making and mixing music.

In my 6-part video series I shared with you the foundation of what Peak Enjoyment looks like.

Next, I showed you why the boring and over-complicated way other producers teach you about music production has its obvious limitations when it comes to enjoying the process.

"Producers like yourself want more than just textbook information about making music, they also want to ENJOY the process."

Because of that, I talked about the necessity of tapping into something called your FLOW STATE.

Next, I shared with you practical ways to hack into your FLOW STATE such as recording a 10 minute FL Studio Beat challenge to move information from your working memory into your long term memory.

This Course Is The FIRST Of Its Kind.

It is both a course that directly addresses a simpler systematized approach to beat making and mixing as well as your mental health during the process.

I was inspired to create this course because It frustrated me to see producers hoard so much information that they became mentally paralyzed by what to do next.

I have always been the most empathetic for producers that are learning from teachers that are so out of touch with their needs as beatmakers and human beings, that they cause more confusion than solutions.

Is Curtiss King really qualified to answer these questions for producers

It took me spending over 400+ hours studying and training 1 on 1 with Music Producers from around the world before I realized how valuable and universal this information was for producers. 
It took me spending over 6 years creating 1500+ video tutorials for over 200,000 producers on YouTube with questions about music production and mental health, before I saw just how important this was to you.

What You'll Learn In This Course

Module #1:
The Peak Enjoyment Method Decoded

  • A Quick-Start Guide The Peak Enjoyment Method
  • The Origin Story Of The Peak Enjoyment Method
  • The Research That Backs The Peak Enjoyment Method
  • The Necessary Mindset To Maximize The Method

Module #2:
Peak Enjoyment Beat Making 101

  • A Step-By-Step FL Studio Walkthrough Of How I Create My Beats From Scratch And Enjoy The Process
  • A Guided Breakdown Explaining The Who, What, When, Where, And Why About My Unorthodox Process
  • Learn The Power Of Using Your Body When Making Beats
  • Understand Why You Should Verbalize Your Emotions When Making Beats
  • My Exact Game Plan For How I Tap Into My Flow State Within The First 10 Minutes Of Making A Beat
  • How To Maximize The 10 Minute Beat Challenge To Hack Your Flow State
  • How To Identify Challenges That Are One Step Above Your Skill Level To Achieve Flow
  • Watch As I Create Multiple Styles Of Beats From Scratch: Trap, Lo-Fi, Sampled Hip Hop
  • Understand The Power Of Swing
  • Learn How To Make Decisions Within FL Without Overthinking
  • A Detailed Tutorial On How I Arrange My Beats And Pinpoint Locations For Exciting Surprises & Drops
  • Learn How To Quiet Your Inner Voice Of Doubt & Criticism
  • Establish Boundaries For The Artist And The Scientist 

Module #3:
The Simpler Way To Achieve Professional Mixes In FL Studio

  • A Step-By-Step Guide To Mixing Your Beats In FL Studio by Curtiss King & Oh Gosh Leotus
  • Establish A New Perspective On Sound Selection
  • Learn How To Mix Your Drums For A NEXT LEVEL SLAP
  • The Secret To Creating An Emotional Mix
  • Learn How To Blend Your Sounds Without Over Compressing The Emotion Out
  • How To Achieve Cleaner Mixes With Less Plugins
  • Learn How To Maximize Your Stock FL Studio Mixing Plugins To Save Money
  • Learn My Exact Mixing Chain On My Most Popular Beats
  • Learn How To Create Presets To Save Time
  • Learn An Easier Approach To Preparing Your Beats For Mastering
  • Bonus: How To Mix My Beats (Technical Approach)
  • Bonus: How To Mix Vocals Inside FL Studio

Module #4:
Talking To The Professionals

  • Hear From A College Professor About How To Achieve Flow When Learning A New Skill
  • Hear From A Psychologist On How To Quiet The Inner Critic
  • Truly Understand What Flow State Is
  • Learn How To Achieve Flow To Improve Your Ability to Learn New Skills
  • Identify What It Takes To Truly Achieve A Peak Enjoyment State As A Producer

Module #5:
Creating Your Daily Studio Regimen To Unlock and
Protect Your Flow State

  • A Breakdown Of My Studio Regimen Before And After I Cook Up Beats
  • My Method To Building Energy That Lasts
  • My Meal Plans For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner
  • Learn About Supplements I Use To Assist My Focus And Calm My Anxiety
  • Learn How To Meditate Daily
  • Learn How To Start Journaling
  • My Morning Workout Regimen

Module #6:
Producer Case Study Breakdowns

  • Curtiss King Narrates The Journey Of Multiple Students Using The Peak Enjoyment Method
  • Learn Vicariously Through The Experiences Of Past Students Using The 10 Minute Beat Challenge To Tap Into Their Flow State
  • See The Similarities We All Share As Music Producers
  • Learn Through Their Experience What It Looks Like To Break Out Of Your Shell

Module #7:
Rediscover Your Purpose
For Making Music

  • Why You Should Temporarily Turn Music Back Into Your Hobby
  • Step By Step Guide On How To Find Your WHY and Purpose For Making Music
  • How To Create S.M.A.R.T. Goals For Your Music Career
  • Learn How To Reclaim Your Power As A Producer
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Whats Included In The Course

Value Packed Video Tutorials
(Lifetime Course Updates Included!)

This course includes dozens of value-packed video tutorials making it easier than ever to tap into your flow state and unlock your full creative potential.


FL Studio Beginner's
& Advanced Course

($247 Value)

  1. ✅ Receive My FLuid And FLOW Course W/ Larry Ohh
  2. ✅ A Complete Beginner's & Advanced Guide To FL Studio
  3. ✅ Over 14+ Hours Of FL Studio Tutorials & Training


6 Premium Slap Expert Sound Packs for FREE ($240 Value)

That's right, you'll get $240 in premium Slap Experts drums and melody packs for FREE inside the course including:

These highly sought-after packs are from Curtiss King's Sound Design Company Slap Experts.

  1. ✅ ConunDRUM Sound Pack
  2. ✅ OGDV Sound Pack
  3. ✅ Kaleidoscope Melody Pack
  4. ✅ OASIS Melody Pack
  5. ✅ SLAP X Sound Pack
  6. ✅ House Call Kit 2 (Curtiss King + Larry Ohh)


4 Live Mastermind Meetings 
($1000 Value)


  1. ✅ Join Our Private Mastermind Meetings
  2. ✅ Ask Questions Directly To Curtiss King About Your Journey
  3. ✅ Get Tips On How To Maximize The Peak Enjoyment Method For Your Music Career
  4. ✅ Join Our Private Discord Group
  5. ✅ Connect With Curtiss King & Fellow Students


YouTube Mastery Course

($497 Value)

  1. ✅ Learn How I Grew My YouTube Channel To Over 200k Subscribers
  2. ✅ Learn About What Equipment You'll Need To Start Recording YouTube Videos
  3. ✅ Learn How To Edit Your YouTube Videos
  4. ✅ Learn How To Rank Your YouTube Videos
  5. ✅ Learn How To Optimize Your Title, Description, and Tags
  6. ✅ Learn How To Create Eye Popping Video Thumbnails


Music Producer Power Live

($199 Value)

  1. ✅ Unreleased Video About Brand Building For Music Producers
  2. ✅ Learn What A Brand Is
  3. ✅ Learn The DNA Of The Most Powerful Brands
  4. ✅ See How To Learn From The Best Brands
  5. ✅ Learn How To Pick The Right Colors And Fonts For Your Brand
  6. ✅ Learn From Producer Brands That Got It Right
  7. ✅ 1 Hour Long Teaching With Powerpoint Slides
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Who This Course Is For

  • You are a go getter
  • You value time and following a proven plan

Who This Course Is NOT For

  • You do not value saving time following proven plans
  • Your aren't willing to take instructions and prefer to figure things out on your own with trial and error

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