The Beat Battle Playbook

By Curtiss King

Music Producer / FL Studio Power User / Beat Battle Veteran

Beat Battles Are FUN For Some of us...

But while these producer competitions usually bring out the best in some beatmakers, it can also bring out the stress in others.

Truth is, competing in a Beat Battle can be a nerve wrecking experience, especially without a strategic & WINNING GAME PLAN TO ATTACK

But how do you develop a strategy if you've never won or competed in a battle? That's where your new instructor, FL Studio Power User, & Beat Battle veteran Curtiss King comes into play.

With over 14 years of experience in winning and dominating Beat Battles,  Curtiss King shares with you what will be considered the definitive guide to winning beat battles while DOMINATING YOUR OPPONENT IN IMPRESSIVE FASHION...

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The Beat Battle Playbook

By Curtiss King

Music Producer / FL Studio Power User / Beat Battle Veteran

Beat Battles Are FUN For Some of us...

But while these producer competitions usually bring out the best in some beatmakers, it can also bring out the stress in others.

Truth is, competing in Beat Battles can be a nerve wrecking experience, especially without a strategic GAME PLAN TO ATTACK

That's why The Beat Battle Playbook is the definitive guide to not only winning beat battles, but DOMINATING YOUR COMPETITOR...

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Your instructor CURTISS KING has over 14 years of experience in beat battling...


Watch The Playbook Introduction (1:31)


Watch The Playbook Introduction (1:31)

Watch My Beat Battle Highlight Reel (2:05)

What Does The Playbook Cover?

✔ Course Length: 1hr 15min
✔ 14 Videos - 11 Modules
✔ Free Sound Pack 
Bonus Battle Beat Breakdown

Module 1:
What Is A Beat Battle Beat?

Learn the specific difference between a BEAT BATTLE beat vs. a regular instrumental. 

Module 2: 
How To Choose The RIGHT Battle

Learn why is matters what type of battle you choose to join. Discover how to find legit battles and stay away from scams.

Module 3:
How To Study Past Winners

Learn how to pick up the most crucial clues that past beat battle winners have left behind. 

Module 4: 
Strengths Vs. Weaknesses

Learn how to identify your strengths & weaknesses as a battle producer. Discover how to use them BOTH to your advantage

Module 5: 
Battle Sound Selection 101

Learn how to select and test sounds that translate well on all audio devices (ex: Smartphones, venues, livestreams, etc.) 

Module 6: 
Arranging WINNING Battle Beats

Learn the keys to arranging winning beat battle beats. Discover how to unleash your creativity within a one minute beat.

Module 7: 
Mixing Beat Battle Beats

Learn how to approach the mix of your beat battle beats. Discover my go to plugins and FX chains.

Module 8: 
How Many Beats Should Make

Discover how many beats are necessary to create before your next beat battle and why most producers get this wrong.

Module 9: 
How To Win Your Beat Battle

Learn the keys to arrangement of winning beat battle beats. Learn how to nail your battle switch ups, transitions, and drops.


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